Autonomous Audio

We view autonomous audio as the automated collection process of session data, metadata, and business data. There are multiple layers to autonomous audio,  here are some characteristics:


  • Verified audio identities for all individuals and organizations
  • Hands-free metadata collection, no manual entry, trustless
  • Real-time royalty, access, and download transactions.


Though our Membership Program, we foster a community and learning environment that focuses on the application of these emerging technologies such as blockchain, IoT, and AI. Our community members receives the latest updates on development progress, and receive access to exclusive monthly industry interviews and content.

Emerging technology presents an opportunity to reduce and even eliminate some of these challenges. Our vision applies these technologies to automate a variety of workflows across the creation and distribution process; creating a trustless and smart environment for the audio industry. This combination of emerging tech mixed with audio is what we call Autonomous Audio. Learn more below


We are a group of passionate and independent creators that have multiple experiences with the many bottlenecks in the professional audio creation and distribution process. Our team is driven to make an impact in the emerging tech space. Collectively, we hold the idea that the future business of audio is trustless, transparent, and autonomous.


C. Maurice


Rob Ripley


Isaiah Walker


Jamaal Hale


Rohan Mudgal


Wen Chungli


Chunhu Cui

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